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If You or Someone You Love is Suffering from Hemorrhoids (piles), Anal Fissure or Constipation. Then This Will Be the Most Important Information You've Encountered...

Discover: How Joy Permanently Got Rid Of Her Painful Stubborn Hemorrhoids (Piles)

...Without Any Surgery Procedure!

My name is Joy Lolade, a bank customer support service expert and a mother to 2 adorable kids. I would like to share with you one of the most horrible moments of my life, a Pile (Hemorrhoids) that transformed into an “anal cancer” and almost took me out of existence 7 months ago.

Before I go on to share my story…

You stumbled on this page because you were probably scouring the internet for a solution to Piles (Hemorrhoids).

Are you experiencing Any Of The Following Symptoms Below?

If your answer "Yes" to any of the symptoms above, then this revelation is for you!
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Joy's Testimony...

I was married to the man who got me into the horrible situation because of his adventurous sex desire. I was never a sex sex type of person, I just wanted to have a happy home!

"Our divorce is a story for another day"

One night after a long day of hard work at the bank, I was watching my favorite Indian program when my ex-husband initiated sex. I know how he is when it comes to sex, he is the type that is ready to cheat because of a lack of sexual satisfaction. Though I understand that often denying your partner of sex tends to lead to a rough patch, but just playing along to keep the mood alive works most times. So I played along. Just after a few minutes, he said he was feeling bored and would love to try out something different.

He wanted anal sex!

Oh my! What is this man saying again?

At first, I was very resistant because we had never tried it and it and I’ve heard many sad stories of anal sex on Instagram media. After many back and forths with disappointments written all over his face, I decided to engage.

This was how anal sex became his preferred sex style for months…

Until one morning I felt some bowel movement, I went to use the toilet and I noticed dark red bloodstains after cleaning up my anus. But I wasn’t feeling much pain around my anus, I only kept feeling like I wanted to poop but nothing was coming out.

Just blood on the tissue paper every time I wiped up.

I didn’t take it seriously because I felt it was one of those days, then it continued for about 5 days. At this point, I was worried because every time I used the tissue paper I was feeling more pain now accompanied by bright red blood.

I visited the pharmacy, told them what I was experiencing, and…

The pharmacist prescribed some medications for me. I spent about KSh1,500 plus on the drugs that evening which I am still regretting till today. The medication did not work!

It was around the 3rd week, I decided to visit the hospital only for the doctor to run some tests and said I was having Hemorrhoids (which is also known as Pile). I was surprised even though I didn’t know anything about piles then. I told him I wasn’t a dirty person. 

(He Laughs!!!)

“It has nothing to do with being dirty ma…” – He replied.

After a series of questions to troubleshoot the cause, he then replied by saying it was likely a result of the anal sex I was practicing with my husband. I was ashamed because this wasn’t just my personal life but my health was at stake.

To cut the long story short, he prescribed some drugs which I purchased there from the hospital pharmacy section.

I spent another good-for-nothing KSh3,105 at the hospital…

Except that this time I knew what illness I was having. I used the medication for 2 weeks with no result, instead, it only grew worse. My anus was having a small round swelling at the outer region by this time.

It always Felt Like red chili-pepper was in my anus, it hurt so bad.

So I went to see the doctor again to let him know my condition wasn’t improving. He did another test again which opened my eyes to a bigger problem. When he came back with the results and said…

You have anal cancer that’s growing and you need surgery done against it as soon as possible.

I couldn’t believe my ears, tears came out of my eyes uncontrollably.

How did it get to this?

Is this a spiritual thing?

What should I do?

To make matters worse, I’m usually scared of anything surgery-related! As I walked out of the hospital, from my chest down to my legs were weak, my feet felt very heavy.

I started attending church more regularly, praying more than ever, and hoping for a miracle because honestly I started feeling it was my village people! My situation was affecting my relationship with my kids and my work efficiency, I started getting queries from my immediate superior (my boss).

One faithful afternoon at work…

My friend noticed my sadness, she kept asking me to open up to her.

But how can I share this with her? How do I even utter it? I summoned courage after many back and forths and told her my situation. She was surprised at first and asked why I was hiding such a thing, then she said her cousin experienced a pile but it was never this worse before it got treated. I asked what medication her cousin used and she said it was something like “PileRid.”

- I just wanted to get rid of this pile and anal cancer that’s already growing.

So I gave her money to get the herb for me from her cousin. Two days later a dispatcher delivered it to me at work, so I started using it.

Fast forward 7 days later…

I was only feeling minimal pains while pooping compared to before. No more swelling sore on my anus, it dried up like a wound, and no more blood on tissue paper. I was amazed! Wow, this small herbal remedy works sha! I continued using it as prescribed for another week till the pile was completely gone.

I told my friend the good news.

I told her how I planned on becoming a reseller of this amazing product. I reached out to the supplier, and told her my testimony –

“This product should be well marketed. Many people suffering from pile don’t even know it exists.”

Yes, I am very grateful to my friend, but I am even more grateful to the Almighty for granting my prayers, and for sending her to me. She was an angel to me, she met me at the perfect time of my need.

- Joy's Testimony

Well, that is how Joy got into Partnership With Wellagainremedy Global

...PIleRid Has Positively Transformed The Life of Many, and Joys' is Just One of The Few Shared on This Page.

Well that’s her incredible journey with PileRid

We want you to know that we understand what you might be going through right now. 

Many of our clients have been there, feeling trapped by the limitations that piles (hemorrhoids) brings. We know the frustration, the pains, fears, discomforts and the longing for a solution.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to stay in that place. You don’t have to let Piles control your life any longer. 

PileRid has the power to change everything for you, just as it did for the others.

Imagine a life where you no longer have to worry about all the symptoms that comes with having hemorrhoids or anal fissures, and where you can fully embrace physical activities without the fear of discomfort. 

Envision a future where you can confidently sit for a longer duration without the constant preoccupation of wanting to lie down.

It’s only possible with PileRid!

PileRid is Not A Magic/Quick Fix That Fails To Deliver!


Also, I must warn you that PileRid is not a magic or quick fix that fails to deliver. 

It’s a naturopathically developed solution that has helped countless men & women, young & old reclaim their happiness and comfort and works with time.

You owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of a life free from the burdens of hemorrhoids.

If you’ve doubts, see some of the amazing results below.

Satisfied & Happy Client Review...

Kwangu, nilipata PileRid kupitia utafutaji wa Google nikiwa natafuta suluhisho la haraka na lenye ufanisi kwa tatizo langu la hemorrhoids ya Daraja la 2.

Hali ilikuwa mbaya sana kiasi kwamba ilikuwa ikiharibu nguo zangu za ndani, na nilikuwa na hamu ya kupata ahueni.

Nilikuwa na wasiwasi kuhusu ufanisi wa bidhaa na muda itachukua kufanya kazi. Hata hivyo, wasiwasi wangu haukuhitajika.

Usafirishaji kwenda Mombasa ulikuwa wa haraka, ulifikia ndani ya saa 24….

Rate: (4.0) -

- Mombasa

So, what is PileRid?

3,709 (Reviews) | 4.5 of 5 (Buyer rating)

PileRid is a new natural discovery, comprising the most effective and reliable ingredients required to eliminate mild and chronic hemorrhoids.

Specifically, PileRid helps to;

Who is PileRid For?

PileRid Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Become Free From Piles (Hemorrhoids) Without Surgery, Especially if...

Over 5,000+ People Across The World Experienced Relief from Piles (Hemorrhoids) Symptoms, Thanks to PileRid…

See How People Have Gotten Rid of Their Piles Issues

No more itching & Mucus


Yes, the most annoying part of this pile for me is the mucus that stains my underwear.

I was only feeling the Piles inside, and the mucus always staining. But now no more itching and mucus after 4 days of taking your PileRid.

- Mr. Tayo from Ghana

Finally Shrinking...Wow!


Since I started using it last week Tuesday I can notice the shrinking. This your remedy works ehh.

The pains have already stopped completely it’s just that the pile comes small. But I am happy it is shrinking and that is the most important thing I want.

- Samson from Kenya

Pains Have Completely Stopped


Omo… I wanted to give you my feedback sir. My pains have completely stopped oh.

I didn’t know it can even stop it because I have tried different things from hospital and pharmacies. Keep up the good work sir!

- Mrs. Rose from Cameroon

How Does PileRid Work?

PileRid addresses both the symptoms and root causes of Piles (Hemorrhoids)
through the following 4-step mechanism…


Functions as a digestive system detoxifier by removing unwanted substances from the body through excretion.


Shrinks hemorrhoids gradually to speed up the healing process.


Repairs cellular damage caused by hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Soothes inflamed areas of the colon.


Prevents and protects your system from piles by maintaining colon-water balance and constantly removing unwanted substances from the system.

Satisfied & Happy Client Review...​

Hapa ndio maoni yangu kuhusu PileRid, niliyopata kupitia Facebook.

Nilikuwa napambana na kuvimbiwa kwa muda mrefu, na ilifanya maisha yangu kuwa magumu sana.

Nilikuwa na wasiwasi kujaribu tiba nyingine kwa sababu nilikuwa na shaka na ufanisi wake…

Rate: (4.0) -

- Turkana

PileRid Contains 5 Powerful Healing Properties

  1. Rutin: Rutin is thought to strengthen and increase the flexibility of arteries and capillaries by regenerating collagen and, therefore, supports blood circulation.
  2. Horse Chestnut Seed: a natural property that helps reduce swelling, itching, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.
  3. Hesperidin: is a flavonoid that has been found to have antioxidant and anti-venous insufficiency properties.
  4. Diosmin:  Diosmin is most widely used to treat blood vessel disorders, such as hemorrhoids and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located near the anus, while CVI refers to swollen, blocked veins in the legs.
  5. Witch Hazel: it contains tannins and volatile oils that have astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Experience a Pile (Hemorrhoid) FREE Lifestyle
Within 3 Day to 35 Days

Based on thousands of customer testimonials, we have put together a journey map that summarizes their progress in achieving maximum results…

Day 7

Many customers report that they feel an improvement in their bowel movement issues within just a few days of their very first try of the product.

Day 10-14

Many customers report the piles to be reduced in size or no longer come out and feel only minimal pain. Some share testimonies of being healed during this period.

Day 18-34

Many customers report feeling little to no pains around the anus and piles not appearing anymore. This is when many of our customers share their testimonies.

Day 35-50

This is when many share testimonies too. Usually complete recovery!

Why PileRid is Better Than Other Alternatives?

100% Natural

PileRid is purely organic and natural, no surgery required.

5X Faster

It is prepared with the 3 most essential nutrient for fast-action results compare to any other solution on the market.

Safe with ZERO Side Effects

Super safe for consumption, well prepared and carefully tested unlike other solutions.

FREE 10mins Remote Consultation

When you order for PileRid, you get a FREE 10 minutes remote consultation with our specialists. Where you can ask any questions related to your problem and get recommended solutions.

What Are the Side Effects of Untreated Piles (Hemorrhoid) Symptoms?

Why let it get worse when you can Get Rid of It Naturally without surgery?


PileRid is Purely Made with Natural Herbs with ZERO Side Effects

Happy Customer Review

Hapa ndio maoni yangu kuhusu PileRid, niliyopata kupitia Facebook.

Nilikuwa napambana na kuvimbiwa kwa muda mrefu, na ilifanya maisha yangu kuwa magumu sana. ‘

Nilikuwa na wasiwasi kujaribu tiba nyingine kwa sababu nilikuwa na shaka na ufanisi wake…

Rate: (4.5) -

- Kenya

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Each Packs of PileRid contains 20 tea bags. For the best result, we recommend 1 tea bag per serving each morning and night. Most customers trusting PileRid for the first time choose to enjoy huge savings by ordering 3 or 5 Packs with added discounts and here’s why…

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Satisfied & Happy Client Review...​

Alright, here’s my experience with PileRid, which I discovered while searching Google for a solution to my painful stool problem.

I was suffering from Grade 3 hemorrhoids, constantly having to push them back in, making every bowel movement excruciating. Initially,

I was unsure about where the product was manufactured…

Rate: (5.0) -

- Kericho

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Considering that each of our bodies are unique, results may vary. Some of our customers started experiencing results within days, it typically takes an average of 30 days to 90 days to observe the full results of PileRid.

We recommend taking PileRid for 2 – 3 months in order to enjoy the full benefits of total cure.

Additionally, during the first few consumptions, most customers tend to experience:

  • Easy bowel movement with softened Stool.
  • Digestive system cleansing and excretion of wastes stored in the colon
  • Smooth stooling between 1 – 4 times on the first 3 days (Favourite part of the healing process).
  • Shrinking of hemorrhoid (piles)
  • Excretion with blood stops.
  • Fewer pains during stooling.
  • Faster stooling process.

The half-life is 8 – 12 hours from the initial intake.

Absolutely! Yes, you can speak with our support or consultant.

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However, we recommend you speak with one of our consultants.

You can do so after filling out the order form

Kindly fill out the order form to get access to our expert advice.

Kindly fill out the order form to get access to our expert advice.

The dosage is written on the bottle.

Yes you should, we recommend doing a Sitz bath between 3 to 4 times daily.

Yes, PileRid is made with premium, all-natural, and organic ingredients.

Yes, PileRid helps to control and prevent constipation. Whether you have been having constipation for a long time or you recently noticed constipation, PileRid control will help you stop it.

PileRid is not known to have any side effects.

PileRid is made using organic, high-quality, premium, and natural botanics that are safe for regular consumption. The blend is formulated to be free of stimulants, making it ideal for long-term consumption.

Many customers who follow the recommended dosage have informed us of experienced improved digestive health, and less inflammatory discomfort, anal sore shrinking, comfortable bowel movement.

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Satisfied & Happy Client Review...​

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across PileRid.

I was suffering from Grade 1 hemorrhoids, as I was told because it wasn’t protruding.

The sight of blood every time I used the toilet was alarming.

I was worried about how long it would take to get the product delivered to Embu and also paying upfront…

Rate: (4.0) -

- Embu

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